11 detox tips to survive the holiday frenzy


With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve consulted the experts for the best ways to detox before the celebrations begin. Every celebration involves food, so inevitably we overindulge at this time of year. That’s why health professionals advise following a comprehensive detox diet to prepare your body for the holiday season (and party frenzy).

Here are the opinions of the professionals. Parties, extravagant dinner parties, and copious amounts of alcohol are all part of the holiday season. After the season, many of us will still have extra weight and bloating. A detox becomes crucial before and during the holiday season, even if we cannot resist our festive cravings and give in to eating a lot of fried, fatty and sweet dishes, according to our specialists.

Here are 11 pre-party detox tips:

1. Drink warm lime water with honey every morning

The digestive tract is stimulated, which helps prevent constipation. Additionally, lemon promotes liver health, which improves the digestive system’s ability to process complex foods. On the other hand, honey combats any type of gastrointestinal disease that may be present.

2. Go for a liver cleanse

liver cleansing

The main detoxifier in the body is the liver. There are a few simple methods to help the liver detoxify pollutants. Hydration is crucial. Our inner body temperature is regulated by water, which also improves nutritional absorption. Even digestion is facilitated and aided, which immediately leads to detoxification. Depending on your exercise level and body weight, you should drink 3-4 liters of water per day.

To speed up your metabolism and eliminate toxins, I also recommend drinking two glasses of warm water first thing in the morning. You must then wait 30 minutes before eating anything. In addition to plain water, Shriya Naheta Wadhwa, health coach and founder of Zama Organics, cites buttermilk, coconut water and herbal teas as other beverages that could help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

“Stop drinking alcohol for a while. Gradually reduce your dose if stopping abruptly is not possible. Replace packaged juices with healthy drinks. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee.Certified Diabetes Educator and Physiotherapist Dr. Archana Batra.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Studies show that regular exercise reduces body inflammation and helps the body’s detoxifying functions. Any detox program should include exercise as a crucial component. It promotes digestion and maintains the functioning of the digestive system. You should also incorporate yoga into your workout routine. Another option to reduce stress and balance your metabolism is to take a long walk.

The lymphatic system can get rid of anything it doesn’t need through exercise. You should get 75 to 150 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity, such as jogging, or at least 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderately intense exercise, such as brisk walking.

Avoid trying to kill yourself with strenuous exercise. Try to exercise at a moderate to low level and take long evening walks. It will help you stay alert, energized and regulate your hunger. High-intensity exercise can dramatically increase your appetite, which will again cause you to crave high-calorie foods. After the holiday season, you can gradually practice doing fast workouts 2-3 times a week.

4. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting

A common diet that alternates between fasting and eating periods is intermittent fasting. Even though our body is very capable of detoxing, nutritionist Ruchi Sharma, creator of Eat Fit Repeat, advises practicing intermittent fasting to support this process.

5. Hydrate

Stay hydrated

In addition to aiding in digestion and nutritional absorption, water also helps the body detoxify. Studies show that 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women is an appropriate daily water intake. To help the body eliminate toxins and digest better after the holidays, it is advisable to increase water consumption to around three liters a day. Throughout the day, you can drink water in the form of lemon juice, soy milk, buttermilk, and coconut water.

6. Reduce the consumption of processed foods

    Reduce consumption of processed foods

Your body’s detoxification process can be supported by eating fewer processed foods. Eliminating inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and processed carbs is the best approach to detoxifying the body. Our gut gets a break by avoiding these meals, says dietitian Garima Goyal.

7. Consume foods high in antioxidants

Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Your body can combat oxidative stress caused by pollutants by eating a diet rich in antioxidants. To achieve optimal health, “fuel your body with antioxidant-rich foods rich in vitamins A, C, E and selenium. The greatest concentrations of antioxidants can be found in foods like berries, fruits, nuts , chocolate, vegetables, spices and drinks like a cup of green tea every day, according to experts.

8. Focus on gut health

Focus on gut health

Eat meals that help your bowels work healthily. Skin looks better, stress levels are lower, and energy levels are balanced when the gut is healthy. “You have to be very careful about gut health. Think about your digestive system. Your body can quickly burn excess calories if your gut is healthy.

Avoid eating dairy products, eggs, fish and meat in your diet. Instead, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, healthy grains, nuts and seeds. Green tea, herbal tea and detox water are all gut-friendly beverages. Limit your consumption of alcohol and soft drinks. Reduce your intake of fatty, carbohydrate-rich, and processed foods, as they contain more calories. Also, wait 30 minutes after your meal before drinking water,” says Gauri Paliwal, health expert and food manager at Toneop.

9. Eat protein-rich and fibrous foods

Eat protein-rich and fibrous foods

Eat foods high in protein and fiber to balance out the increased calorie and carbohydrate intake of the holiday season. To reduce inflammation in the body, cut down on sweets, refined flour foods, fried and packaged foods, coffee, and alcohol for a while. Focus more on meals high in protein and fiber, such as seasonal fruits, green vegetables, nuts and seeds, advises Aman Puri, the company’s founder.

“Vegetables and fruits are the ideal detox foods because they contain nutrients that are powerful cleansing agents as well as enzymes that aid in better digestion. In addition, fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which promotes better bowel movements and helps eliminate toxins from the body, according to nutritionist Vinita Contractor.

10. Consume fruits and vegetables

Consume fruits and vegetables

In addition to being rich in dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables are excellent providers of vitamins and minerals. “Add berries, beets, cabbage, radishes, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables to your regular meals. They are high in fiber, antioxidants and minerals.

Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation caused by too many free radicals and pollutants. According to Dr. Meghana Pasi, nutritionist for Arogya World’s MyThali program, vegetables boost metabolism, promote satiety and decrease hunger, which can aid in weight loss.

It is better to have a balanced diet before the holiday season, because we tend to overdo it. The best approach would be to maintain balance by eating a variety of fruits, nutritious drinks, protein, fiber and green vegetables. During this detox phase, limiting processed carbs and sugar is the ideal strategy, according to Gurmeet Arora, health expert and owner of Flax Fit.

11. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Make sure you get enough good quality sleep ahead of the holiday season, as there will be many late nights. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates your body and mind and helps prevent disease. Your brain can rejuvenate while you sleep and can also eliminate harmful toxins. Sleep at least seven hours a day. Giving your body the rest it needs is imperative considering all the activities we’ve been involved in over the past few weeks.

Festivals not only call for a celebration, but also provide a reason to feast on several delicious dishes and sweets. It’s totally fine to enjoy your favorite food during festivals, it’s equally important to balance it out. Hope these tips save you from gaining those extra inches!

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