8 benefits of drinking watermelon lime juice on an empty stomach

Are we talking about the perfect way to beat the summer heat? Well, it seems so because it’s watermelon and lime juice. One of the most refreshing and soothing drinks on the planet, Watermelon Lime Juice is a hydrating beverage with many nutritional and health benefits. With no added sugar, this beverage is a go-to drink if you’re bored with water and sodas during the summer.

Let’s look at the benefits of drinking watermelon lime juice:

low in calories

Both watermelon and lime contain minimal calories. Therefore, this drink is sweet but low in calories. For those with diabetes, this may have additional benefits as it contains no added sugar or artificial sugar. Therefore, it will not have a major impact on blood sugar. Moreover, watermelon and lime juice does not cause weight gain because it is low in calories and does not contain bad cholesterol. In addition, it aids digestion and can aid in weight loss.

hydrating drink

The combination of watermelon and lime makes it a perfect hydrating drink for the summer season. Since it contains a lot of fiber, it has the ability to meet the hydration needs of the human body. Having watermelon and lime juice after a workout or after sweating activity can help restore water lost in the form of sweat. It restores electrolytes that keep your body systems hydrated and can prevent dehydration and fatigue.


It is said that 90% of the content of watermelon and lime juice is made up of nutrients. Every sip of this refreshing drink will provide your body with vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It contains a lot of amino acids and lycopene, as well as antioxidants. It is rich in calcium, iron and magnesium. Plus, this drink is low in sodium and calories, making it a perfect choice for a dose of nutrition.


Aids digestion

Lime is said to be an excellent digestive agent. Thus, this drink facilitates faster digestion of food and boosts energy by breaking down food into energy molecules that can be easily absorbed into the blood. It is said that a glass of watermelon and lime juice can drive away weakness.

Rich source of vitamin C

Watermelon and lime juice boosts immunity in the body as it is a rich source of vitamin C. It protects cells from free radicals and helps in healing wounds and creating new tissues connectives. Along with immunity, it builds a wall between infection, disease and our body, protecting it from many problems.

Contains antioxidants

Watermelon and lime juice is packed with antioxidants that prevent diseases and problems like inflammation, arthritis, skin damage, asthma, and other infections and allergies. These antioxidants make the juice beneficial for the organ systems and also for the skin.


Improves eyesight

This refreshing summer drink contains beta-carotene and sight-enhancing vitamin A. It protects the retina and protects the eyes from macular degeneration. With this drink, one can get rid of problems like night blindness and aging vision. It also protects the eyes from infections.

Good for healthy skin and hair

With watermelon and lime juice, you can prevent skin from drying out and keep your skin looking bright and healthy all day long. It also keeps the skin hydrated and hydrated from within. The antioxidant properties of this peel are helpful in clearing acne from the skin. The citrus portion of this drink and the water content helps in proper hair growth. The amino acids found in watermelon and lime juice help improve blood circulation in the scalp, thereby improving hair growth.


Another way to get this watermelon and lime juice is to make popsicles out of it. If you have leftover watermelon in your fridge, why not make this delicious drink? Also, if you are confused between using limes and lemons, know that they are both cousins. They are often interchangeable, so you can use one or the other. Just take a popsicle mold and freeze the drink. This drink is a treat for you and your family. You can also serve it to guests with a slice of lime garnished on the glass.

However, if you suffer from allergies or are taking medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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