AIDS awareness takes flight in Kapurthala: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Kapurthala, October 31

An AIDS awareness van will spread awareness and also conduct free tests in Kapurthala district for the coming month. The van, unveiled at Kapurthala Civil Hospital by civil surgeon Dr Gurinderbir Kaur, is an initiative to raise awareness about AIDS and to shatter myths about the disease among the population. The Punjab State AIDS Control Society, under the direction of the state government, has organized AIDS awareness campaigns in the state.

The said van, launched in the district on October 29, will remain in the district until December 6. The van will visit different areas and determine the causes of AIDS, its symptoms and discuss its prevention among the local population and simultaneously spread AIDS awareness. .

At the launch of the campaign, civil surgeon Dr Gurinderbir Kaur also said that with the help of the AIDS awareness van, free HIV tests will also be carried out and local counselors will also educate people about the prevention of AIDS. AIDS and myths about it. Nukkad nataks will also be held on the ground during this awareness campaign.

Discussing the reasons for the spread of AIDS, the civil surgeon said AIDS was caused by unprotected sex with an HIV infected person, transfusion of HIV infected blood, sharing of HIV infected syringes and from an HIV-positive mother to her child. She also said that there were a lot of misconceptions and myths in society regarding the spread of AIDS.

Assistant civil surgeon Dr Anu Sharma said free AIDS treatment was available at government health centers. She also said that AIDS testing was free at the ART center of Kapurthala Civil Hospital.

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