Being active after a concussion helps recovery

A new study has found that getting active soon after a concussion can help children heal. Concussions can be a serious threat to a child’s health, and there are signs to watch out for. When children play in the gym, or in a contact sport, or even just rollerblading, they are at risk for head injuries, including concussion. Concussions can have serious repercussions, and it’s important that parents get the help they need for their children if they suffer a head injury. Studies are constantly being conducted to improve the medical world and find better ways to manage concussions, including aftercare.

According to Medical Xpress, a new study has found that getting active soon after a concussion can help a child recover. This may go against what parents thought, that a child needs rest to heal. This study was carried out by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Instituteand it can be read in full here.

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The clinical trial showed that returning to non-contact physical activity three days after a concussion can actually benefit children. The study was carried out with 45 patients aged 10 to 17 years.

One group of participants rested until they no longer had concussion symptoms, and the other began to resume physical activities 72 hours after their concussion. They were all asked to complete surveys about their symptoms throughout the period. They found that two weeks after the concussion, both groups reported similar symptoms, which showed the researchers that returning to physical activity three days after the concussion was not harmful.

Researchers also found that those who returned to activity had greater overall improvement in symptoms and a lower rate of delayed recovery than those who rested until they felt completely back to normal.

The researchers say this study can help medical professionals when working with children who have concussions. That they should be encouraged to get up and move three days after the concussion. They also hope that this information can change guidelines for how concussions are treated and managed by medical professionals.

Regarding what a child should do after a concussion, the researchers said that 15 minutes of “moderate” walking is a good starting point, and if they are able to manage that, they can increase it a little each day. However, they specify that a return to sport must be approved by the doctor.

Sources: Medical Xpress, BMJ Open

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