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(BPRW) Jessie Trice Community Health System recognizes National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

(Black PR wire) MIAMI – February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD), an annual celebration to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment in Black communities. In recognition of NBHAAD, Jessie Trice Community Health System (JTCHS) joins many health care providers and organizations who work tirelessly to raise awareness of HIV-related disparities and health inequities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities. Each year, NBHAAD highlights the essential role we each play in ending HIV.

“Jessie Trice Community Health System remains committed to increasing testing, education and treatment in the Black community,” says Annie Neasman, President and CEO of JTCHS. “We join the many partners in recognizing this special day.”

According to the CDC, black communities have made great strides in reducing HIV. Yet racism, discrimination, and distrust of the health care system can influence whether black people seek or receive HIV prevention services. These problems can also reduce the likelihood of engaging in HIV treatment and care.

To continue to reduce the burden of HIV and other health risks, people need adequate housing and transportation, employment, access to culturally appropriate health services, free of stigma and discrimination, and more.

The Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc. is one of Miami-Dade County’s leading federally qualified community health care centers, governed by a remarkably dedicated Board of Directors (51% of whom are service users medical and dental) and a diverse, incredibly talented and committed family of providers and staff. Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc. is the 1st federally qualified health center in the state and 5th in the nation. Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc. is a Florida 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has served Miami-Dade County since 1967. JTCHS served its first patients from a trailer. Today, more than fifty (50) years after its founding, JTCHS owns and operates eleven (11 comprehensive primary care centers, a 40-bed women’s residential center for drug addicts, and are located in two (2) universities and forty (40) health suite based schools.

JTCHS knows and specializes in holistic health, offering a myriad of services to improve the health of the community. This includes: Dentistry, Family Medicine, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Behavioral Health, Transportation, Head Start, Obstetrics and Gynecology, School Health, Community Health Promotions, Center health and wellness, pediatrics and ancillary services. For more information about the Jessie Trice Community Health System, call 305-367-6400 or visit jtchs.org.

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