Business Club launches its Cryptocurrency / Blockchain ecosystem

Business Club, a blockchain ecosystem that allows businesses and personal account holders to store and exchange cryptocurrencies announced the launch of its crypto ecosystem. The company first developed the system in early 2018, said it was now virtually complete, allowing users to create accounts to use the service.

Some of the key features Business Club account holders will find on the platform include free multi-currency crypto wallets, maximum security, and a social networking platform. Multi-currency wallet, commonly referred to as active wallets, supports the storage of not only native Business Club Tokens (BCTs) but also other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. The two assets wallet and member accounts are secured by multi-signature login, 2FA with Google Authenticator and Cloudflare Firewall. The Business Club social network is complemented by HD Livestream, encrypted chat options and transparent encryption transfer features.

Business Club, instead of specializing in just one aspect of blockchain or cryptocurrency technology, sought to become the most comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. He has built his own blockchain on which all of these features are hosted. After the blockchain came BTC, which is at the heart of every transaction on the platform. Then came the development of the active portfolio and a social network which marked the end of the fundamental pillars of the Business Club ecosystem. For most of 2019, the company has built the various security patches around these pillars and added other products and services related to the pillars.

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Business Club believes that it is done with the hardest part. Going forward, the company’s roadmap is to regulate and globalize its platform. The club currently operates in Malta under license from the Malta Financial Services Authority, but is actively seeking regulation and licensing from major financial agencies in Europe, such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. New regulations will then pave the way for the creation of a new office to bring the company to a global scale. Business Club is also confident that it will reach the total supply of its 720 million BCT coins and launch the Business Club Cryptocurrency Exchange. He will also push for the listing of the BCT in other external crypto exchanges and for the digital coin to be on the top 20 list. She hopes to achieve these plans between 2020 and 2021.

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Business Club participated in the largest cryptocurrency event – the AI ​​Blockchain Malta Summit – both as a co-sponsor and exhibitor. The brand has done several to establish its credibility, including applying for a Maltese blockchain operating license and applying for another to the UK FCA.

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