Fjallraven Vidda Pro ventilated pants: tested

By Mark Watson

June 7, 2022

These rugged pants from Fjallraven are meant to be suitable for all outdoor activities. We’ve spent months testing them in a wide variety of conditions to see if that promise rings true.


The Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants are the latest iteration of the Vidda Pro Pants from Swedish outdoor manufacturer Fjallraven.

Fjallraven has been a staple of the Scandinavian outdoor scene since the 1960s, producing tough, eco-friendly products from backpacks and sleeping bags to tents and jackets. The Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants continue the company’s design tradition of comfortable and practical outerwear made from only the highest quality, most environmentally friendly materials.

The Vidda Pro Pant includes plenty of storage and also plenty of ventilation, with a proliferation of pockets and zippers.

The Vidda Pro is a slim-fitting, durable, ventilated and water-resistant trekking pant with reinforced knees, stretch gusset, multiple pockets and made from 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton G-Material 1000 Eco. The fabric’s wind and water resistance can be further improved with the application of Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax (a proprietary blend of beeswax and paraffin).

In the field

The Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants are one of the most practical, comfortable and durable trekking pants on the market, and they look great. The extra waistband tabs (in the right places) meant for a snug waist — and the slim fit — means the pants can be worn in the cafe without feeling like an intruder. Not only does the wearer benefit from a fitted style, the pants are available in both regular and long leg length (50mm extra).

The pants are made primarily from Fjallraven’s super-durable G-1000 Eco material, a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, all with reinforced seams where it counts. The new G-1000 Eco replaces Fjallraven’s popular G-1000, with a more environmentally friendly fabric that uses more sustainable materials instead of raw materials. The crotch gusset, however, benefits from stretch fabric (63% polyamide, 26% polyester, 11% elastane) to promote stretch for more adventurous activities than your daily walk.

The Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants have become my go-to everyday pants for a multitude of activities, whether it’s down the cafe in the rain, trekking in the High Country or photographing outdoor sports. ‘adventure.

Mark Watson

Fjallraven’s philosophy of environmental sustainability has seen the company retain a wax practice for improved weather resistance and the Vidda Pro Vented Pants follow the same principle. A simple application of Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax, ironed on, increases the water resistance to allow water to bead up and run off the material. Such treatment reduces the air permeability of a fabric, so it is recommended primarily for areas with high exposure to the elements. The Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants are however more suitable for warm temperatures than the original Vidda Pro. Hip-to-knee ventilation side zippers provide a simple solution to ventilation; just open the side of the pants to the elements and let the air in. Stretch material in the crotch gussets also contributes to breathability.

The pants have six pockets, including a map pocket, hand warmers, cargo pockets and a knife/multitool pocket with press stud. The left hip also features an ax loop (I find this more useful for attaching “stuff”) and the pre-shaped reinforced knees are compatible with Fjallraven knee pads (which is more useful than you might think). The ankle hem is wide enough to fit a large boot, but can be cinched in with a snap-adjustable hem while hidden lace hooks prevent the hems from riding up. There’s not much not to like about the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Pants and they have become my go-to everyday pants for a multitude of outdoor activities.

The final word on the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants

If I had a shelf at home for “best in class” clothing from the last few years of testing and reviews, my Vidda Pros would be at the top; they have become my go-to pants for everything from hitting the coffee shop in the rain, trekking in the highlands, to shooting action and adventure sports. They’re bombproof enough for almost any activity, comfortable to wear, and stylish enough not to feel like an intruder in the “Big Smoke.” Simply put, the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Vented Pants are one of the best all-around outdoor pants money can buy.

Recommended retail price: $309.95 View Fjallraven Australia for more information.

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