Former Beltone employee at Allen Park charged with fraudulent activity – The News Herald

A former employee of the Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Allen Park is accused of engaging in various fraudulent activities while working for the company.

On the afternoon of August 22, two officers met a company official in the lobby of the police station to file a complaint against the former employee, who worked at the office, located at 15401 Southfield Road, earlier this year.

On January 29, 2022, the reporter was notified that the suspect had taken $200 in commission from Beltone Hearing for a product he had not sold to any customers.

Police were further informed that the suspect had attempted to obtain fraudulent commission compensation three times: $783.27 for his first attempt, $229.60 for his second attempt and an additional $229.60 during his last attempt.

The person who reported the alleged fraud said the full amount of approximately $1,242 was never paid to the suspect because he left the company.

Police were also told the suspect sold hearing aids worth $7,190 but delivered a cheaper model to a customer. The suspect allegedly had the most expensive product shipped to someone else, who was not on the list of targeted customers.

Beltone then had to ship the correct product to the customer at no additional cost.

Copies of bank transactions and product receipts were given to the detective office.

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