Game-changing gift helps chess player

Theunis Saayman, owner of Jacks Bagels Jeffreys Bay, helped 15-year-old Jayden Jantjies of Jeffrey’s Bay Comprehensive High School on a chess tour.

When Jayden Jantjies, a 15-year-old chess player from Jeffrey’s Bay Comprehensive High School, learned that he had been selected to represent Sarah Baartman’s chess team at the Eastern Cape Provincial Championships, his enthusiasm was quickly mitigated by the idea of ​​the large sum of money he had to pay to be able to attend this tour.

Enter Theunis Saayman, owner of Jacks Bagels Jeffreys Bay. The moment Saayman was made aware of efforts to help a young chess athlete compete in the championships, located in Komani (formerly Queenstown), he immediately responded to the call to action.

With help from Jacks Bagels headquarters in Gqeberha, Saayman donated the funds so Jayden could attend.

When asked why he decided to help this learner, whom he did not know, Saayman said he was inspired by the story of this young man who not only chose chess over all other sports or pursuits, but excels in sports and is dedicated to the wonderful game.

“Where inspiration begins is the motto of Jacks Bagels and that’s where we must begin, to help those who inspire,” Saayman said.

Jayden started playing chess only a few years ago, with a small gap between the two for football. He decided to fully commit to the sport for a year and a half. He says he plays chess at school because he doesn’t have a game of his own.

He plays online with his friend, Tamia, who is also on Sarah Baartman’s district team.

“I also teach my friends to play chess.”

Why he chose this specific sport, Jayden replied that chess has helped him immensely in his school work, especially math.

“A lot is going on around me and chess helps me calm my mind. It helps me to think things more openly and even calm my temper if I’m honest. Chess is my first sport; I I’ll be playing for the rest of my life. When asked how he thought a local business would sponsor his tour, Jayden said he was shocked to think someone would take that burden off him.

He was preparing for the idea that he might not be able to go, and now he can not only attend this tournament, but also many more to come.

Sarah Baartman Chess Federation President Petrus Stuurman said they were extremely excited to be able to represent the district for the first time where children as young as six make up this incredible team of nearly 70 players.

Stuurman would like to thank everyone who has helped the team at all levels, from individuals like Jacks Bagels to the involvement of the whole team, namely Mia van Daalen of Old Mutual, Fountains Shopping Center and the local municipality of Kouga.

  • For more information on how to help one of the chess players chosen to represent Sarah Baartman’s district, contact Petrus Stuurman through one of the following channels:

Email: [email protected] or phone 083 974 1924.

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