GHMC Camp to Identify BPL Beneficiaries for Distribution of Aids to Disabled and Elderly

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will organize identification and assessment camps to distribute selected aids from June 20 to July 17. This device is available for people with special disabilities, including the visually impaired, as well as eligible seniors who are below the poverty line. GHMC officials have identified locations in various parts of the city, with a camp in each of 30 circles. The camp will be held in two locations on the same day, in the community halls, sports facilities and multi-purpose halls of the GHMC which can accommodate 250 to 300 people.

The camp will be held at the Elderly Welfare Association Building in AS Rao Nagar and Gandhinagar Community Hall in Ramanthapur on Monday, according to a GHMC press release.

Beneficiaries will receive a flexo cervical collar, a lumbosacral belt, wheelchairs, tricycles, a BTE Digital Hearing Aid caliper and artificial limbs. Braille kits, multi-sensory inclusive educational development (MSIED) kits for children with special disabilities, crutch canes, braille canes for the visually impaired, walkers, daisies and activity of daily living (ADL) kits for leprosy patients will also be distributed. . The equipment would be provided to eligible beneficiaries by the Indian Artificial Limb Manufacturing Company (ALIMCO) in collaboration with GHMC.

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