HIV/AIDS Awareness Conference Held at Mangalore University

Press release

Mangaluru, December 19: The HIV/AIDS Awareness Program was organized by the Department of Social Work Studies and Research, Mangalore University on December 17, 2021. The aim of the program was to sensitize students to the issues and concerns faced by sex workers, LGBT, transgender and transsexuals.

The guest on the show was Harish A, Project Manager at Hindu Kusht Nivaran Sangh. Speaking at the occasion, he mentioned society’s negative image of sex workers, LGBT, transgender and transsexual, is a reflection on our longstanding opposition to the morality involved in the sex trade”. He also highlighted the role of the National AIDS Control Programme, the causes of HIV/AIDS, the problems of sex workers.

The highlight of the program was a student interaction with two sex workers, who explained how they entered the sex trade, the dilemma they faced when integrating with their family members, and how they wanted to leave the profession because they faced a lack of dignity and lived in a sub-human condition. Ms Honey, a third gender, shared her experience as a transsexual. She explained how she had been rejected by her family members and her desire to join the force. She herself was well educated and had earned her Bachelor of Education. The students talked with her about their expectations and tried to understand what it was like to live in a community that is being pushed around by society.

Professor PG Aquinas, Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work chaired the program. In his presidential remarks, Professor d’Aquin said that “we could all lead a respectful life if we changed our approach to life and the way we looked at people”. He urged students to develop a sense of compassion and to treat all humans as human beings without having to discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual preference, age, color and status. social.

Dr. Yashaswini B, Assistant Professor, Mangalore University, introduced the resource person and panelist. Student Santhosh P hosted the rally, Vijay moderated the program and Santhosh GB delivered a vote of thanks.

Apart from social work students and scholars, students from Kannada department, MCJ department, history department also participated

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