HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the South is Saturday

Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is Saturday, August 20, and Kirk Myers, Founder and CEO of Abundant Prosperity Inc.reminded the Dallas community of the continued importance of HIV/AIDS awareness, advocacy and services.

“It’s no secret that the HIV epidemic is having a disproportionate impact on the American South,” Myers said. “While we have made progress towards ending the epidemic, the fact that Dallas and the rest of the South bears so much of the burden of new diagnoses and lack of resources for prevention and care is alarming.

“Organizations like Abounding Prosperity must continue their mission to provide testing, prevention and treatment services to the community to combat this outbreak while managing other pressing public health issues like COVID-19 and smallpox. monkey,” he said.

The southern part of the United States currently has the greatest HIV burden of any region in the United States, accounting for about 51% of new HIV cases per year, even though only 38% of the American population lives here, according to the CDC.

Not only is this region experiencing a higher proportion of new HIV diagnoses, but it is also lagging behind in the provision of quality HIV prevention services and care, a situation further exacerbated by the sharp decline in testing rates and of HIV care in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the most vulnerable people even more vulnerable.

According to CDC, in 2020, there were 19,412 people in Dallas living with HIV and 688 new diagnoses. However, only 78% of people living with HIV in Dallas received HIV care that year.

Myers said, “In the face of the many challenges our community faces every day, Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is an important reminder to refocus our efforts on the epidemic we have been fighting for forty years. Abounding Prosperity and others must continue to advocate for resources to help reduce the number of new HIV infections – as well as provide for those currently living with HIV – while working to address the stigma surrounding the virus.

Gilead Sciences created the site to help people learn more about HIV testing and where they can get tested.

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