HIV / AIDS Awareness Month is December 2019

Whether you are living with HIV / AIDS, have a family member who is, or just want to help out, there are many opportunities to help in the fight against HIV / AIDS.

AIDS action

AIDS action is New England’s largest service provider to people living with HIV and AIDS. With offices in Boston, Cambridge and Lynn, Massachusetts, AIDS Action looking for people to help in the office as well as by organizing awareness groups in bars, clubs and other public places to promote safe sex.

The love of God that we deliver

Founded in 1985 to deliver meals to people living with HIV / AIDS, The love of God that we deliver now serves over 7,600 customers who are too sick to cook for themselves. Located in downtown Manhattan, New York, the organization needs volunteers and employees to cook and pack meals.

Opportunities abroad

If you are willing to devote a lot of time to your volunteer work, to go abroad is one of the best ways to fight HIV / AIDS in the areas most devastated by the disease. Volunteering opportunities are available, among others, in Uganda, Ghana, Nepal and Belize.

Besides donating or volunteering directly, raising awareness in social circles is a great way to fight HIV / AIDS and the stigma that surrounds it.

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