Ice Skating in Stonebridge: Party Ideas in Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE, VA – If you’ve been to downtown Stonebridge Potomac this winter, you may have noticed the Stonebridge Ice Rink. From November to the end of February, the ice rink offers opportunities for skating in one and a half hour increments.

Some couples are clearly at home on the rink, pushing their way through the ice like the athletes currently competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Others stick to the edge and try not to fall. Regardless of experience level, couples can be seen laughing and smiling around the rink.

The rink is located next to the Alamo Drafthouse and adjacent to Firebird’s. Street parking is available in the mall, and the skating rink is also near the parking lots behind the Alamo Cinema, which offers plenty of parking without requiring too much walking.

Every winter, couples flock to Stonebridge Ice Rink and its operators pride themselves on its romantic reputation.

“We love that the rink has become a popular nighttime activity that often includes a visit to one of our nearby restaurants,” the rink operator told Patch. “We were also privileged to host several proposals. It’s a great feeling that we can help create unforgettable memories for our skaters.”

Liam Griffon/Patch

Here are a few things to know for those hoping to include a visit to the rink for their next date:

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