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As a way to promote a healthy workplace and nation, Illovo Sugar Company held a Health Awareness Day last Saturday which mainly addressed HIV / AIDS issues where Frank Mphande, Member of Parliament from Nkhotakota North Constituency , praised the company for its efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

AIDS awareness in Dwangwa

The function took place at Chitowe Stadium in Nkhotakota where Mphande was the guest of honor and had the opportunity to talk to young people about the need for abstinence and working hard in school.

“It is an honor to be invited to such an important function. Most importantly, allow me to salute Illovo Sugar Company for organizing the ceremony which is one of the vital efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

“The company has also built various hospitals that offer antiretroviral treatment services, which shows that Illovo is serious in its fight against the HIV and AIDS pandemic,” said the parliamentarian, ”said Mphande.

He added: “Young people should take care of themselves and their future by not engaging in behaviors that put them at risk of contracting HIV since development today relies heavily on contributing. young people ”.

The ceremony has been strategically moved from December 1, 2016 to April 22, 2017 to allow greater participation of workers at the Dwangwa Illovo sugar estate, as by April most of the workers are expected to be back from vacation.

Some of the activities during the ceremony included a big march, a military parade of students, theater, nyau dance and acrobatics. The Illovo antiretroviral therapy (ART) clinic in Dwangwa currently has 1,492 people on ART, 88% of whom are said to be doing well on their regimen.

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