It’s Time: Latinx National AIDS Awareness Day Resources

Each year on October 15, National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) recognizes the impact of HIV on Hispanic and Latin communities. NLAAD was founded in 2003 by the Latino Commission on AIDS and the Hispanic Federation, and the theme for the 2021 campaign is “Time to act. It’s time to end HIV. The campaign focuses on the 40th anniversary of the HIV epidemic and the importance of testing, treatment, viral suppression and protection. It involves two generations: those who experienced the epidemic in the 80s and 90s and the young people of today.

We encourage you to share the following information and resources in your NLAAD communications and activities:

On social media

The hashtag for the celebration is # NLAAD2021. You can use these Twitter IDs to follow and join conversations about NLAAD and HIV among Hispanic and Latin communities.

You can also find out more by following and CDCHIV on Facebook.

A series of posters, infographics with information about HIV in the Latinx community, fact sheets on how to find HIV / AIDS resources on the NIH / HHS webpages and Instagram posts are available. on

More resources

Visit the resource page on NLAAD for downloads and links for the NLAAD logo and other shareable elements such as graphics and infographics.

CDC Let’s stop HIV together also offers resources on HIV testing, prevention, treatment and stigma. has a facts page about the HIV epidemic in the United States Sstates and links to resources describing the impact of HIV on racial and ethnic minorities, including a CDC fact sheet on HIV among members of the Hispanic and Latin community. We have also compiled HIV resources available in Spanish from across the federal government.

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