Love Heals Gala Raises Over $ 600,000 to Support HIV / AIDS Education

Co-founders Victoria Leacock Hoffman, Dini von Mueffling and Stefani Greenfield

Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education was founded 22 years ago to educate and protect New Yorkers from the ravages of HIV / AIDS. On Tuesday, March 11, the foundation hosted a gala at the Four Seasons in honor of John Demsey, Danielle Snyder, Jodie Snyder and Bronson van Wyck. The evening raised $ 600,000 for the cause, which remains as relevant today as it was when it was founded.

“Today, more than ever, there is so much information available on HIV and AIDS, yet there is a generation that doesn’t seem very concerned. They think they are going to be fine, they think they are. they’ll take a few pills and you’ll be fine. It doesn’t work that way. There has never been a better cure, but there has never been more stupidity and apathy. Young people are in great danger because they think it’s a disease that’s over, but it’s not even close, ”said the evening’s emcee, Hal Rubinstein.

Kyle MacLachlan, Hal Rubinstein, Stefani Greenfield, Desiree Gruber

Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Rutherford, Rachel Roy, Margaret Russell and Kyle McLaughlin came to show their support, as did co-owners of Theodora and Callum, Desiree Gruber and Stefani Greenfield.

“I co-founded Love Heals 25 years ago, along with Dini von Mueffling and Victoria Leacock Hoffman, when our best friend Alison Gertz was diagnosed with AIDS. In her honor, we have kept the promise to keep her foundation alive . For us, it’s about friendship. Love never dies, “Greenfield said.

Honoree van Wyck has been involved in setting the set for the Love Heals summer party for seven consecutive years, and he has emphasized the importance of the work done.

“Every day, ten people are infected with HIV in New York. It’s totally unnecessary and a self-inflicted injury to the city. Love Heals is an organization that allows people to come together and prevent this from happening, ”said van Wyck.

Bronson van Wyck, Margaret Russell

Co-founder von Mueffling is grateful for the recently renewed emphasis on HIV / AIDS in news and popular culture.

“It’s a very interesting time because in the last couple of years there have been two Oscar nominated films on HIV and AIDS; last year it was a documentary and this year it was Dallas Buyers Club“said von Mueffling.” I am really happy that we are bringing HIV and AIDS in the public conversation, because there has been a lot of what we call ‘the bottom to the bottom’, still go under the radar and not be discussed. Infection rates have increased due to lack of communication about this widespread disease. The stigma associated with the disease has increased again. 25% of new infections occur in young people between the ages of 13 and 25. “

Love Heals is committed to fighting this trend.

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