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Mad Hat Maven Founder Heather Jones Taylor

When the AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH) partnered with MISTR, a gay-owned and run group that offers PrEP (the once-a-day pills regimen for AIDS prevention) via online prescriptions with delivery to home, they believed that a traditional person-in-person information campaign would be the way to get people to sign up.

But then the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce recommended Mad Hat Maven Creative to lead AFH’s PrEP marketing, and it turned out to be a divine marriage. Heather Taylor, owner and chief consultant of Mad Hat, is an active community volunteer who did creative work for the Victory Fund and their Victory Brunch in 2019. She also served on the local Human Rights Campaign steering committee for LGBTQ-friendly policies. candidates.

“I’m really passionate about the job anyway, so it was just great to get this account,” Taylor said. “I was so honored and everyone in the office wanted to work there. ”

It was early February 2020.

“We had to pivot quickly after COVID-19 swept through Texas,” recalls Derrick Brown, director of development at AFH. “Mad Hat Maven wasted no time. They launched an online marketing strategy overnight that resulted in increased sales in the first few weeks of implementation.

“We had to redo everything like a virtual campaign. We had to hammer the keyboards instead of the curb, ”Taylor notes.

MISTR’s marketing strategy, as well as other AIDS awareness campaigns (such as the CDC’s “Ending the HIV Epidemic” initiative and AFH’s “Let’s Make History” HIV / STD testing campaign) became even more important during pandemic containment.

“We had to be very creative and innovative with all of our services and programs,” says Brown. “We looked at things people could do in their homes safely that would impact our statistics on HIV in the city. We had already had good success with our MISTR campaigns, and we just scaled up everything to give as many people as possible access to HIV / STI testing and PrEP. [Then we get people] in treatment if their tests are positive.

“It was a very effective campaign,” says Taylor. Success was measured in clicks and online views, as well as the number of patients who signed up for the service. The “Let’s Make History” campaign was presented in a variety of formats including outdoor media, social media advertising and LGBTQ media such as OutSmart magazine. The campaigns won three international Mat Hat Maven Creative awards: the 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Awards for their Let’s Make History campaign, the 2021 Silver Muse Award for their AIDS Foundation Houston / MISTR advertising design work, and the 2021 Gold AVA Digital Award for their AIDS. Houston Foundation / MISTR digital marketing campaign.

The MISTR program allows you to start PrEP treatment without a visit to the doctor, paperwork or needles. You create an online profile and answer a few basic questions so that you receive a simple home test kit in the mail. After the doctors at MISTR have reviewed your test results, you will get a telemedicine consultation with a licensed physician who will prescribe the PrEP pill regimen, if applicable. Your prescription is renewed and automatically mailed in discreet packaging each month. If your insurance plan does not cover the cost, the program will work with various patient assistance programs to make sure you don’t have out-of-pocket expenses.

The MISTR mail-order prescription program became particularly valuable to the LGBTQ community during the early days of the pandemic, when many people were afraid to go to a doctor for fear of COVID-19. Taylor and her staff were very happy to have been part of this effort to help more people in the community stay safe and healthy during the pandemic and beyond.

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