NBA scores: Kawhi Leonard returns and Kings continue to dominate games


A light night on the gaming side actually had a lot of activity to unload

You see, I know it’s hard to properly schedule a night where Thursday night football has to rule. Anyway, I just have a plea for the NBA, and then I’ll come: for the East Coast fan, could I ever have a miserable one at 7 or 8 p.m.?

EST to start the hour on a Thursday? What was great about the three 10 p.m. EST cues from the day before? Sure, I watched them. Indeed, I am restless at this point. Am I thinking twice? No. Would I have preferred to stay away? Absolutely.

Help me, Adam Silver. You are my main expectation…a hopeless idea though.
And if we arrived at the three NBA scores of the day before?

Kings earn fifth straight win, Spikes, 130-112

It was never somewhat close. Regardless of Kevin Huerter having his most disastrous performance of the era, Sacramento ruled San Antonio from the initial tip. De’Aaron Fox finished with 28 spots, eight assists and a +/- of 36, while Malik Priest added 26, and Harrison Barnes and Domantas Sabonis joined for 32 spots and 16 rebounds.

Devin Vassell, who continues to dazzle, led the way in Prods with 29.
I’ve said it many times this season, and with each passing game, it becomes more authentic: the Sacramento Kings are great.

Moreover, the association is better when it is applicable. However, the Prods were their victims on Thursday night, the groups they beat in that five-game streak of dominance are some of the toughest rivals in the conference (on paper if nothing else).

Sacramento has taken down the Cavs, Lakers, Heroes, Nets and currently the Spikes during this undefeated streak. In their last two wins, the Kings have scored 283 points and outscored resistance by 50.

Royce O’Neale’s tip-in, triple-double leads Nets ahead of Jackets, 109-107

The Nets haven’t exactly had a flag in recent months. They started the season 7-9, horrible for a group led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. (The latter option has its reasonable share of off-court issues.) And out of the blue, Royce O’Neale ended up being the target of some of the group’s most “notable” minutes since joining. the group in July.

As far as anyone can tell, his trade with the Nets was the subject of the outrageous “What’s going on in Utah?” by Brian Windhorst. bluster on First Take; then, a few days before, KD told Seat Report’s Chris Haynes: “Check out our starting setup.

Edmond Sumner, Royce O’Neale, Joe Harris, [Nic] Claxton, and I… Not offended, though, the thing you would say you expect from this gathering?

Maybe O’Neale was scouring the sensationalist papers that day, or maybe he picked enough was enough and picked to ostensibly convey the best execution of his calling, leading the Nets to a two-point victory. in Portland with a triple-double and a dominating play-return. He scored 11 points, had 11 rebounds and had 10 assists. Maybe that will calm KD down briefly. (I wouldn’t bet on that.)

Kawhi returns as Trimmers beat Cylinders, 96-91

Nothing about this game other than Kawhi Leonard’s re-visit of the activity matters. Not the way Reggie Jackson seemed to find his footing after an unmistakably monstrous start to the season; not that only three Cylinders players finished in double figures, but they still lost by five.

Leonard returning to the floor – also to the starting arrangement – ​​is the story of the game, and although he finished with just six spots in a short time, his presence in uniform made the biggest difference.

Leonard, of course, missed the entire 2021-22 season as he recovered from a torn upper leg tendon. He then showed up in just two of the Trimmers’ first 15 games, sitting out the rest as he dealt with knee irritation. However, he’s back, and preferably, it’s for real this time.

The Trimmers could use exactly what Leonard gives when he’s solid. Perhaps the title contender we all expected this group to be ready to go for has recently been a sleeping beast from the start, and that’s waking them up.

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