New England AIDS Education and Training Center to improve HIV / AIDS care

The New England AIDS Education and Training Center (NEAETC) uses new funding from the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to create specialized training programs for clinicians and medical students and to help clinical practices in transformational efforts that will improve HIV / AIDS care.

NEAETC, part of the Commonwealth Medicine division of UMass Medical School, provides training, skills development and clinical mentorship to help healthcare providers diagnose and care for people living with HIV / AIDS , and promote prevention strategies. It is one of eight regional education centers and three national centers, all funded by HRSA.

The Interpersonal Education Project is a partnership to create a primary internal medicine training program for physicians (NEAETC and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center residency program, in collaboration with Fenway Health), and a training program for physicians. ‘nurse practitioner (NEAETC and Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Healthcare Professions).

“We want to foster interest and expertise in caring for people living with HIV, and focus on attracting and retaining providers who want to do the job and are committed to doing the job,” said Vanessa Sasso, MSW, senior project director at NEAETC.

The Practice Transformation Project is a partnership between NEAETC and six community health centers in New England, most likely in Connecticut and Massachusetts, to: assess how well they are caring for HIV-positive patients; make a plan to correct deficits; and transforming practices to ensure they provide comprehensive, high-quality care and treatment.

“We will be raising the bar on how they care for people at risk and living with HIV,” Sasso said.

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