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Raipur: Citing data from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5), state health officials said that AIDS awareness among women has increased in Chhattisgarh.
According to the latest data released by NFHS, previously only 20% of women knew about HIV-AIDS in the state, now 23% of women are knowledgeable about the disease.
Previously, only 57% of women knew that HIV-AIDS could be prevented by using contraceptives during sex, whereas today about 76% of women are aware of the same.
AIDS is a serious disease caused by a type of life-threatening infection known in medical parlance as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In common parlance, it is known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV lowers the body’s immunity. For this reason, various types of diseases afflict people very quickly. This condition is called AIDS.
This disease caused by HIV infection can affect a person of any age. Raising awareness is the only way to prevent it.
State nodal officer for AIDS program Dr. SK Binjhwar said AIDS testing and treatment facilities are available in all government medical colleges, district hospitals and centers state community health services. Any type of information on AIDS can be obtained by calling Chhattisgarh State AIDS Control Committee toll free number 1097. All information is also available on the NACO AIDS App mobile application prepared by NACO. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Dr Binjhwar said if a person is found to be infected with HIV during the test, they are counseled and regular free treatment is started. The identity of the infected person is kept secret.
Alongside treatment of HIV-positive people through ART centres.
Explaining the causes and symptoms of AIDS, Dr. Binjhwar said that unprotected sex, transfusion of infected blood from an HIV-positive woman to her child, second use of an infected needle are the major causes of HIV- AIDS. Symptoms include persistent fever, sudden weight loss, and persistent diarrhea.

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