Olympian featured in AIDS awareness video

Olympic bronze medalist flyweight boxer Huang Hsiao-wen (黃筱雯) released a short, government-sponsored video on World AIDS Day yesterday to raise awareness about HIV testing, in the hope that those infected by the virus can seek treatment sooner.

The one-minute video shows Huang getting knocked down in a fight, only to stand up.

“Maybe I can’t change my surroundings or what other people think of me, but I can change my destiny. I believe that by not surrendering and succumbing to fate and living my life courageously, I will be victorious, ”Huang said in the video to motivate himself before continuing the fight.

The video, intended for use as a public service announcement, is intended to educate people that HIV testing is not intrusive and can be done in private and with discretion, Huang said on Tuesday.

Many hospitals offer anonymous testing services, while self-test kits can be ordered online from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and picked up at convenience stores, said Huang, the CDC’s promotional ambassador for the Day. World AIDS Forum this year.

Born in 1997, Huang won Taiwan’s first Olympic boxing medal at the Tokyo Olympics this year, after winning bronze at the 2018 Asian Games and gold at the World Women’s (Amateur) Boxing Championships. International Boxing Association 2019.

CDC Deputy Director General Philip Lo (羅一鈞) said he expects around 1,250 HIV cases this year, down 11% from 1,389 cases last year.

The number of cases has declined steadily over the past four years, with 2,508 in 2017, 1,983 in 2018 and 1,748 in 2019, Lo said.

Taiwan hopes to meet the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS 95-95-95 target by 2025, he said.

This means that 95 percent of people with HIV are aware of their infection, 95 percent of people with HIV knowingly receive sustained antiretroviral therapy, and 95 percent of those on treatment have a suppressed viral load.

Lo said Taiwan is at 90 percent, 93 percent and 95 percent respectively, and expects to increase the share of those receiving antiretroviral therapy by 1 percentage point through the end of this year.

To achieve that goal, the CDC is prioritizing testing, he said.

CDC data showed 34,477 people in Taiwan are HIV-positive and 7,550 have died from the disease since it was first reported.

Observed each year on December 1, World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and to remembering those who have died from AIDS.

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