SOL Group: New strategic partnership with ITOP OFFICINE ORTOPEDICHE, as part of its Home Care activity, in which it operates through VIVISOL.



SOL Group: New strategic partnership with ITOP OFFICINE ORTOPEDICHE, as part of its Home Care activity, in which it operates through VIVISOL.

Acquisition of a 51% stake in ITOP SpA, a leading company in Italy in the design and production of custom-made aids, prostheses and orthoses, founded and developed thanks to the fifty-year-old experience of Francesco Mattogno, the true “soul ” of the company.

The SOL Group consolidates its specialized skills and extends them into innovative sectors to provide patients with cutting-edge technological services.

The SOL Group – a multinational operating not only in the technical, industrial and medical gases sector, but also in the home care sector through companies bearing the “VIVISOL” brand – announces that it has acquired through Airsol srl, a company owned 100% by SOL SpA, 51% by ITOP SpA Officine Ortopediche, a company that has been operating for 45 years in the design, production, research and innovation of orthoprosthetic devices for serious orthopedic and neuromuscular pathologies.

This new operation further strengthens the presence of the SOL Group in the orthopedic technology sector, following the investment made last May by the subsidiary Il Point srl, doubling the exhibition area of ​​its point of sale and the construction of a new orthopedic workshop in Verona.

Founded and developed thanks to the fifty years of experience of Francesco Mattogno, ITOP is the Italian leader in the sector and has a team of 165 professionals, including engineers, orthopedic technicians, occupational therapists and specialized operators. Based in Palestrina (Rome), the ITOP group recorded in the 2021 financial year a consolidated turnover of more than 20 million euros.

The acquisition was completed at market prices in line with similar transactions.

Aldo Fumagalli Romario, President and CEO of SOL Group, said: “The SOL Group is pursuing its diversification strategy by sectorssynergymevs to thosesectorsin which it already operates, those with high specialization and technological content, to expand the range of products and services to their patients in the health sector. We are happy to start a new development adventure thanks to the partnership with Francesco Mattogno, a successful entrepreneur, and his team of engineers and orthopedic technicians, with the aim of consolidating and renewing the offer of products and services on the Italian orthopedic market. “.

Francesco Mattogno, President and CEO of ITOP SpA Officine Ortopediche, says: “After 52 years of experience in the ortho-prostheticsector, 44 years since the creation of my company and the great results obtained in the field of Research and Technological Innovation, I have decided to give continuity to what has already been achieved in recent years by entrusting myself to a reality already rooted in the health sector with a view to continuous growth and increasingly entrepreneurial development “


SOL Group

SOL is an Italian multinational group listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, which operates in Europe, Turkey, Morocco, India, Brazil and China in two distinct dominant sectors: production, applied research and commercialization of technical gases , pure and medicinal (Technical Gases Espace) and home healthcare (Espace Soins à Domicile), as well as in biotechnologies and in the production of energy from renewable sources.

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Monza (MB) – Palestrina (RM), September 12, 2022

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