TETA launches HIV / AIDS awareness campaign

“South Africa has made great strides in treating HIV / AIDS, but unless there is a consistent message about the importance of knowing your status, sticking to your treatment, and practicing safe sex, we will not be able to change the frightening statistics, ”says TETA CEO Maphefo Anno-Frempong.

The campaign will focus on communicating with taxi drivers and young people across the country. According to TETA, taxi drivers occupy a unique position as they interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. If they are sensitized on all aspects of HIV / AIDS and encouraged to disseminate this knowledge, impact can be achieved.

Coupled with taxi drivers, young people are also targeted. These are specifically young women, who are most vulnerable to HIV infection. Various case studies show that the prevalence of HIV in women is four times higher than in young men, according to TETA. This is due to reasons such as poverty, gender-based violence and the low status of women.

The TETA awareness campaign consists of digital activations deployed during the months of March and April. These will consist of live radio conferences and panel discussions with young people on the TETA Facebook page.

Activations aim to encourage South Africans to test and change the discourse around HIV stigma. TETA says knowledge is power and knowing your HIV status empowers you to make decisions that can protect you and everyone around you. This knowledge, TETA adds, along with a reduction in the negative stigma surrounding HIV, will hopefully encourage people to get tested.

“To win the fight against HIV / AIDS, it is vital that people receive the right information and the encouragement to know their status,” TETA concludes. “HIV / AIDS awareness not only benefits those infected or vulnerable, but the whole country, and encourages the nation to stand up and join the fight.”

For more information, visit www.teta.org.za. You can also follow TETA on Facebook.

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