The best water bottle for every workout

We know you know staying hydrated is important. But just to remind you: Drinking enough water daily helps regulate body temperature, keeps your joints healthy, and helps organs function properly. According to US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine11.5 cups of water a day for women can keep you well hydrated, unless you live in hot climates or are particularly active, you may need to consume more.

As one of those athletic women, staying hydrated is even more important. It’s easier to track your H2O levels when you have a water bottle that complements your workout, which can help you train harder and longer. Depending on your exercise of choice, here are some of the best and most functional water bottles for each activity.

HIIT group classes

High energy is a must for these circuit-style sweat sessions, where you alternate between short bursts of total anaerobic exertion and quick recovery periods. Studies found that HIIT programming can burn more calories than other workouts.

What to look for in a water bottle: When you’re working hard and sweating even harder, you need a water bottle that can keep up. Go with an option like the Stanley IceFlow Flip-Up Straw Pitcher (40 oz) which not only contains a large amount of liquid, but also a liquid that can be easily drunk during your periods of rapid rest.

hot yoga

Twisting, bending, and holding different poses during your practice can improve your balance and flexibility, while relieving and managing stress. Just because you’re not moving fast doesn’t mean you’re not going to get a good workout.

What to look for in a water bottle: The average hot yoga session lasts 90 minutes, which means you’ll need a bottle that not only has features like double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink cooler for longer, but also a design to drink the way you want, whether through a straw or a sip, like the Stanley Adventure Quencher travel tumbler (30 oz).

Indoor and outdoor cycling

Whether you’re pedaling at your living room pace or strapping in to your bike to hit the road for a long ride, chances are you’ll be sweating in no time. No matter how long your journey is (45 minutes or two hours), you will need to regularly fill up with fluids.

What to look for in a water bottle: You will need a container that fits in the cup holder of your indoor or outdoor bike. The AeroLight™ Transport Bottle (16 oz) features a lockable, leak-proof flip-top lid for easy tasting while pedaling.


If you’re covering the distance on the road, track, or doing an interval race for speed indoors, you’ll need to sip something as soon as possible to help keep your body moving and cramp-free.

What to look for in a water bottle: If you run on a treadmill, a bottle that fits in a carrier, whether portable or on a treadmill, is ideal. Designed with an easy-to-open lid, the Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle (24oz) and other bottles like this allow for a drink while recuperating or taking a slow jog.


The fastest growing sport in the United States is a fast-paced combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong rolled into one game: pickleball. If you’re planning on grabbing a paddle (or bat, as it’s commonly called) and hitting the field with friends this summer, it’s important to stay hydrated, whether it’s a game at 11, 15 or 21 stitches.

What to look for in a water bottle: Since you might not know if you’re playing a quick game or spending all day on the court, you’ll want a bottle that can keep cool whatever your hydration of choice is for as long as you’re there. -low, such as the Stanley IceFlow Flip-top Straw Tumbler (30 oz). An easy-to-use sip straw also works well because you’ll have time to stop and have a drink.

Whatever your activity, staying hydrated will help you perform better, and it’s always easier when you have fluids on hand.

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