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Re-centre’s dedicated team at Waratah keep up to date with the latest treatment techniques. Photo provided.

Since opening in October 2021, Re-centre at Waratah Private Hospital has continued to develop a range of mental health services for residents in the area and beyond.

Its team of expert psychiatrists and clinicians now offer rTMS for people with depression or to treat other types of mental illnesses.

Resident psychiatrist Dr. Yu-Tang Shen explains that there are a few treatments in psychiatry that are easy to tolerate, and rTMS is one of them.

“This is a newly developed treatment that has fewer side effects than most medications, in addition to being effective for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety disorders,” Dr. Shen said.

“It is well used in America and is gaining popularity in Australia. The basis of its effect is the use of magnetism to modulate brain activity, which has been slowed or deregulated by mental conditions, and return it to normal functioning. “

Dr. Shen said rTMS therapy has a range of benefits.

“It can be done without being admitted to hospital and seeing the same treatment team on a regular basis, ranging from three days a week to every day, and up to two to three months,” he said. .

“About 50% of people respond to this treatment, and most people tolerate it fairly well, with no risk of systemic side effects.”

The Better Access Initiative provides Medicare rebates to help people access mental health professionals and care.

Medicare authorizes up to 35 sessions as well as 15 additional sessions in the event of a relapse when the initial treatment has been deemed beneficial for the patient. Patients can also access rTMS through CTP and Workers’ Compensation, in addition to being self-funded.

Access to rTMS treatment through Re-centre in Waratah requires people to be referred by their GP or psychiatrist.

Before any treatment, a full evaluation is done to make sure rTMS is the right treatment. Once it is determined that rTMS would be beneficial, a second consultation is undertaken, which maps and decides on the treatment plan.

Re-centre also offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) day programs for anxiety, mood and depression, as well as a substance and medication addiction recovery day program and a brief dialectical behavior therapy.

To access these programs, a referral for an initial consultation with one of the Re-centre psychiatrists is required to ensure that the chosen program is suited to the patient’s needs.

Re-centre will soon be launching a day program on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as a day program on eating disorders.

Places in the program are limited. To find out more visit [email protected].

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