TPA joins CHEC to conduct HIV/AIDS awareness training


Speaking on behalf of CHEC and TPA yesterday in Dar es Salaam, an HIV/AIDS training facilitator, Onesmo Mwihava, said the campaign was part of the company’s social responsibilities as well as controlling new infections during project implementation.

Additionally, the campaign focused on raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, eliminating gender-based harassment, and providing referrals to HIV-infected people.

He said that during the training, communities had access to free HIV testing and set up testing stations in collaboration with local hospitals, to provide pre-testing, treatment and follow-up services. psychological counseling for residents of neighboring communities.

Others spread more knowledge about HIV prevention; widely post HIV prevention posters, distribute leaflets and build free collections of HIV prevention supplies.

“Making local people aware of the importance of HIV prevention and helping more and more people to participate in HIV prevention activities is very important to reduce new infections,” he said.

So far, the project has reached 876 people, including construction workers, fishermen, motorcyclists, local communities in Kigamboni and Kivukoni neighborhoods.

It also enabled free screening for 450 people for the first half and distributed 9,450 condoms.

According to him, raising awareness was also among the priorities of CHEC to increase recognition and prevention training for local populations,” he added.

Construction teams insist on the effective accomplishment of social responsibility to realize the enterprise’s business value and social value, truly reflecting the improvement and enhancement of project activities on the local economy, environment and infrastructure, to maximize the return to employees and society.

He noted that the high quality implementation of the project has become an important driver of Tanzania’s increasing openness, economic growth and social progress.

A fisherman at the international ferry fish market, Khamis Mamba asked the organizer to organize regular trainings for the local communities to equip them with knowledge on how to avoid HIV infection.

He said the knowledge gained from the training will help them turn them into their young children at home, adding that no one had held such a training before.

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