Uganda: Report – US to provide 3.4 trillion shillings in aid to Uganda in 2020

“Corruption is a big challenge in Uganda and in many countries around the world. That’s why we have very rigorous processes in place to monitor and evaluate how US aid funds are spent, ”Brown said.

The United States provided aid worth US $ 953 million (3,400 billion shillings) to the Ugandan people in 2020, according to the United States’ Fifth Annual Report to the Ugandan people.

The report was released on Tuesday, December 14 by the US Mission in Uganda and chaired by US Ambassador to Uganda Natalie E Brown.


The report tells the story of the United States’ enduring partnership with the people of Uganda, focusing on the impact of American work to promote economic growth and employability, improve health and education, promote democratic values. and enhance security.

Of this money, $ 517 million was allocated to the health sector, $ 206 million to Uganda to host 1.4 million refugees, $ 60 million was spent on economic growth, especially in the agriculture, while $ 13 million has been allocated to promote justice and democracy in the country.


The ambassador said that amid the challenges of corruption, every dollar the United States invests in Uganda is subject to the highest standards of oversight, saying it is a US initiative to promote financial transparency and accountability in the use of public resources.

“Corruption is a big challenge in Uganda and in many countries around the world. That’s why we have very rigorous processes in place to monitor and evaluate how US aid funds are spent, ”Brown said.

In terms of supporting the fight against Covid-19, the report shows that since the start of the pandemic, the United States has provided aid valued at over $ 122 million specifically to support Uganda’s response to Covid and donated just over 9.4 million doses of the Covid vaccine to help fight the pandemic.

U.S. support to the Ugandan health sector has also been extended to accelerate HIV programs (ARVs) through assistance to nearly 55,000 new patients placed on HIV treatment in 2020, bringing the total number of Ugandans with HIV / AIDS currently receiving treatment to 86% of those infected.

According to Brown, while these numbers seem significant, the story of America’s partnership with the Ugandan people is not a story of dollars, but of lives impacted.

“And what we know today is that millions of ordinary Ugandans are living healthier, learning better, earning more and participating more fully in their communities through this partnership,” said Brown.

The report also points out that in 2020, the United States stepped up investment in Uganda, especially in the coffee sector, where U.S. investments helped Uganda achieve record revenues of $ 500 million from exports of coffee in 2020 while helping more women and young people to join the sector.

In addition, the United States has trained 360,000 young people to acquire skills that will enable them to thrive in the agricultural sector and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

“USAID’s Youth Livelihoods Activity (YLA) provided market-relevant skills to more than 162,000 young farmers, more than half of whom were women. A further 112,293 young people were trained in market-oriented technical skills, 49,492 young people were trained in workforce preparation, and 645 young people received entrepreneurship training, ”the report says.

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19 since the start of 2020, the Ambassador says she is proud of the tangible and, in many ways, remarkable achievements outlined in this year’s report.

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