USCG uses SailPlan to monitor marine infrastructure, increase port efficiency and help meet climate goals

Partnership Creates Model to Modernize Marine Infrastructure and Save Government Money

JANUARY 18, 2022 – RESTON, VA – SailPlan, the maritime cleantech company that helps ports and ship operators reduce emissions and improve air quality, announced that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has partnered with SailPlan to monitor marine aids to navigation (ATONS) in the Chesapeake Bay. Using SailPlan’s technology, the USCG can easily monitor high-resolution weather, air quality, and other navigation-affecting data in real time and make it available to mariners while reducing the cost of ATON maintenance for the USCG.

The deployment is part of SailPlan’s growing portfolio of customers looking to accelerate the connectivity of maritime infrastructure and systems. The agreement provides a test bed for real-time monitoring and sharing of weather, currents, tides, sea state and air quality data, while providing real-time station keeping at the USCG. “The U.S. Coast Guard is excited to join SailPlan in this project as this work supports the global ‘Successful Voyages, Sustainable Planet’ effort led by the International Association of Aids to Marine Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA),” said Dave Lewald, Program Analyst – Navigation Systems, USCG.

SailPlan and USCG will collect data, perform studies and increase infrastructure resiliency while reducing ATON maintenance costs. The technology deployed will ensure that critical maritime infrastructure remains in place and in good working order without the need for routine in-person inspections.

“ATONs present a compelling opportunity to improve the efficiency and resilience of maritime transport by providing them with a digital presence. This contract with the USCG brings the legacy maritime infrastructure into the 21st century,” said Jacob Ruytenbeek, founder and CEO of SailPlan. “SailPlan will benefit not only the USCG, but also port authorities looking to monitor emissions compliance and air quality.”


SailPlan’s emissions monitoring and optimization platform is revolutionizing shipping and helping companies achieve NetZero. Our mission is to reduce fleet emissions, save fuel, and make it easier to complete NetZero operations while saving businesses time and money. SailPlan uses real-time infrastructure and vessel data streams, including engine, fuel, speed, stability, and advanced weather, chart, and marine traffic data to monitor and reduce gas to greenhouse effect.

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The Coast Guard manages six major operational mission programs, including the management of the maritime transportation system. The Marine Transportation System Management Mission Program aims to ensure a safe, secure and environmentally responsible waterway system. The Coast Guard works in concert with other federal, state, local, tribal and territorial agencies, the maritime industry, maritime associations and the international community to protect the efficient and economical movement of $5.4 trillion in activity global economy circulating in ports and waterways.

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