Weekend report Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February 2022

Colder weather on Saturday resulted in less activity at beaches in the northern region.

Whangarei Heads carried out a mass rescue when two adult men and two girls were caught in a lightning tear and sucked out of the flags. Four guards entered the water and brought them all safely back to shore. None of the patients required additional treatment.

from Bethell guards helped two people out of the water and another person was assisted to

By far the busiest guards were at Raglan who performed three minor first aid and two major first aid. The miners had a severed foot, a toenail torn out and a minor ankle injury. A man came to lifeguards saying he passed out for a few seconds while surfing with friends. Lifeguards gave him water and watched him for 90 minutes with no observed ill effects before he left the beach. A woman was hit in the neck by a surfboard. She was treated as a possible spinal injury and immobilized and monitored for two hours before being taken to hospital by ambulance.

Statistics for Saturday February 19

Number of people rescued 4
Number of people assisted 3
Number of major first aid 0
Nb of minor first aid 1
Number of searches 0
Number of preventives 68
Number of number involved 1295
Number of peak staff 5018
Number of hours worked 972

Sunday February 20

With the weather improving in the area, more swimmers got in the water to keep lifeguards busy on Sunday.

piha recovered two rock fishermen who were washed off Dawson’s ledge in the morning. The angel ring was deployed and the two were retrieved ashore. Both needed medical assistance and one was airlifted to North Shore Hospital by helicopter.

Statistics for Sunday February 20

Number of people rescued 3
Number of people assisted 1
Number of major first aid 2
Nb of minor first aid 6
Number of searches 0
Number of preventives 114
Number of number involved 913
Number of peak staff 5294
Number of hours worked 1166
Number of closing hours 0

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First contain, then clean. This morning’s belated ‘traffic management’ by the police is clearly a containment exercise intended to create boundaries beyond which the protest will not be allowed to expand. Once established, this perimeter may (at a later date) begin to tighten inwards. Obviously, there are risks of confrontation with this strategy – but stepping back and allowing further expansion into other streets and locations was not an option either. However, police are not yet carrying out the kind of wholesale clearance of the protest that has been happening in recent days in Ottawa, Canada…

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